Profilreise London 2016

Back to - a quickly-passed week that included adventures and memorable moments.

24 Oktober 2016

Our trip to London was great. We did a lot of educational activities in a short amount of time – 9 museums, 8 memorials and 2 art galleries – can you top that?

On the day that we got to London (very early) we already started analysing statues of important people that lived during the First World War. We were all very exhausted and sleep-deprived, so when we finally got to the hostel that night, we fell asleep like dead.

The next few days we went to different museums, art galleries, or memorials where we heard presentations from every student!

In the evening, we always went to eat somewhere all together. Once, we were in Soho – where the China Town of London is located – all of the lights and the sounds were fascinating to us!

On two days, we had the chance to go shopping, one time on Oxford Street and the other in Camden Market! That was very nice for us because London has a lot to offer!

All in all, it was an adventurous, funny and educational time during which all of us got to know each other better and experience the beauty of London!