Haltestelle. Geister / A Summer’s Tale

Ein Abend - zwei Stücke aus dem S2: Der WP-Kurs Theater und der Bilingual Drama Course präsentieren ihre Aufführungen

09 Juni 2017

21. und 22. Juni, 19 Uhr, Aula Sachsenweg, Eintritt 2/3 Euro

Haltestelle. Geister - A Summers Tale

Haltestelle. Geister

Ein Theaterstück, bei dem (fast) alle sterben

Eine Prinzessin, Drogen und mörderische Sexgelüste – sie alle treffen sich an einer verlassenen Haltestelle. Hier kreuzen sich die Geschichten von unterschiedlichsten Charakteren: Die Prinzessinnen träumen von ihrem Heimatplaneten Tallulah, Drogendealer Rico versorgt alle Leute mit Tabletten, eine Mädchengang treibt Unfug und ein Ehepaar flüstert sich Mordgelüste zu. Eine Internetverabredung endet fast tödlich und die Penner hören Stimmen.Dies sind die Eckpunkte, um die es im Stück des österreichischen Dramatikers Helmut Krausser geht. Dabei war es für den Theaterkurs S2 unter der Leitung von Frau Agethen eine besondere Herausforderung, die vielen Frauenrollen auch durch Männer zu besetzen.


Attention! Don’t miss our hilarious and unforgettable art experience of 2017:
A Summer’s Tale!

Doesn’t this sound like Shakespeare? “Oh no, not again!” you might think. But hey folks, wait! The topics Shakespeare dealt with in his masterpieces are universal and that’s why they ‘ll never get out of time! We, the S2 bilingual drama class under the direction of Mrs. Enders, developed a completely new masterpiece a la Shakespeare! The highly-modernized mixture of the great poet’s tragic romance “Winter’s Tale”, the comedy “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and our own imagination resulted in the creation of the performance: “A Summer’s Tale – Improvisations on Shakespeare”.
Just to make you even more curious – Leontes (the businessman) suspects his wife, Hermione (an illegal immigrant) of adultery with his best friend Polixenes. Hermione gets pregnant, but whose child is it? Has she actually cheated? The elves’ family (yes, there are elves, borrowed from other Shakespeare plays) tries to fix the tangled situation by making it accidentally even worse. The servant Camillo takes the new born baby girl called Perdita to another country, where she is adopted by a hippie mother Silvia with a book-worm daughter Cecile and an average son Jamie. She grows up and falls in love with the nerdy Florizel, who is the son of Polixenes. One second, but maybe Perdita is also the daughter of Polixenes, does it mean that she’s in a relationship with her brother? No one knows! Several misunderstandings and a little bit of magic complicate the lives of the 19 individual personalities, forming love triangles, and even love squares!
Will this ultraconfusion be solved ultimately? Will they all live happily ever after? Or will it tragically end in broken hearts, treason and death?

Come and find out on 21st and 22nd June at 7 p.m. in our Aula/Sachsenweg.
So folks, save the date! Because to come or not to come, is not the question..


Klaudia Rzezniczak, R. Enders, K. Agethen


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