Greetings form Iceland

18 November 2012

Hey lovely people who stayed back at home!

We did it! After 16 hours of waiting at several different airports, long flights where we were sitting between weird smelling Japanese people Mexicana click managed to finally bring us to Iceland.

Now we’re here in Bolungarvik a tiny, cold and windy town in the middle of nowhere, where the supermarket can also be seen as the city center.

We enjoyed our time with our friends from Luxembourg, Spain, more or less Denmark (who left after two days), Iceland and Czech Republic.
We hope to stay in contact.

Big business plans are in work while we have fun in the cold.

Well we gotta go,
See you soon!

– 13.11.2012 –

Hello everybody,

it’s time – time to leave Iceland! We had a great, enjoyable and inspiring time here in on the icy island and made some great new friends.
If we’re honest we are not ready to leave but we have to anyway. Our host families, who all were really nice, took so good care of us and all students and teachers gave their best to make this week successful.

At the moment we’re waiting for our flight to Copenhagen to take the train there and come back to Hamburg  on Saturday morning. We all will have a lot to do when we’re back, because now that we know more about business plans, social and worldwide known entrepreneurs, we need to start with our business idea.

As we heard everybody is really excited to come to Hamburg. Let’s give them a warm welcome and a fantastic time when they come visit us in April. We’ve got to show them what we already know: that Hamburg is the most beautiful city the world.

Bless… Tschüss… Bye… Hej – Hej… Ahoj… Adios…

Laura, Johanna, Johanna, Robin, Arne

– 16.11.2012 –


Laura, Johanna, Johanna, Robin, Arne